Gravity (2013) Review.

I’m probably the last person to jump onto the bandwagon about this film, “Gravity” was released in November 2013 but I think out of all the films I have been watching in the run up to the Oscars it is the one that has been hyped up to me the most. In all honestly I went into the film expecting not to like it, I expected to enjoy the cinematography and special effects but not the film as a whole. I was most definitely wrong.

“Gravity”; directed by Alfonso Cuarón, centres around the character Dr Ryan Stone (Sandra Bullock), who after six months of NASA training has been sent into space to attach a new scanning device to the Hubble  space telescope as an engineer. She is accompanied by the charismatic character Matt Kowalski (George Clooney)  who is an experienced astronaut. However, on a routine spacewalk to fix this device, disaster strikes. The shuttle is destroyed, leaving both characters completely alone spiraling out into the depths of space.

The cinematography was beautiful as expected, and it was definitely worth seeing in 3D (which I normally don’t agree with, but I will make another blog post about that). Although occasionally they did do the typical cliche trick of objects ‘flying out of the screen at you’  which did distract from the experience a little bit but not massively. All in all the 3D added another layer to the imagery in the film. Now, I’m not going to give any plot spoilers, but throughout the film you are incredibly invested in the characters as you get to know them, particularly the protagonist Ryan. In truth, I really enjoyed this film it is absolutely stunning and the narrative is engaging, emotional and very well performed by Sandra Bullock. I highly recommend!

Here is a little bit about the making of the film:

“I want us to be sued by NASA when they see the film.”- Alfonso Cuarón

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