Image Productions.

Last week I was able to volunteer to help with the production of Treasure Camp 2. A film made by Martin Tempest of Image Productions as part of “Movie Makers”, a fantastic scheme run in Stamford for children to take part in making/ starring in feature films. Around 10 years ago I used to do the courses myself although it is mostly targeted at children who are interested in acting.

Although I was only able to help for a couple of days (due to other commitments) it was a really interesting experience. The programme had definitely evolved since the days I took the course with better equipment and funding from the BFI for one of their projects (The Harbinger 2013).  It was a really great experience to return to the place that as a child, fueled my desire to persue film making as a career as well as a great opportunity to work with Martin again as well as the other crew members on this sequel.

The original Treasure Camp was made in 2009 and won a “Best Feature Film” award. I did not work on the original film but I did have a lot of fun on my few days working on the sequel.

(Video by So. Act!)


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