Manchester Animation Festival 2016 (Day 2)

Day 2 of Manchester Animation Festival kicked off with a special virtual reality animated experience called HooDoo by the animation company BlueZoo who gave a masterclass later in the afternoon. There was also the fantastic “Women in Animation” panel discussing the representation of women in animated films (something right up my street as you may know) as well as loads of great screenings although unfortunately, I didn’t get to see any films on this day!

Above are my photos for day 2 of the festival.

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Manchester Animation Festival 2016 (Day 1)

Last week I was a volunteer photographer for the Manchester Animation Festival 2016, it was a great experience I met so many lovely people and saw some weird and wonderful short films. The itinerary for day one featured highlights such as a masterclass about the film Phantom Boy, a life drawing class and a conversation/award ceremony for Aardman Animation.

Above are some of the photos I took for the festival of day one.

I was also able to see a programme called “Student Films 1”, my personal highlights of this were Fishwitch, a fantastic stop-motion short directed by Adrienne DowlingTough an interesting look at familial cultural differences by Jennifer Zheng.

I will be posting a selection from Day 2 and 3 later this week!

You can keep up with the festival itself on Facebook and Twitter.

Image Productions.

Last week I was able to volunteer to help with the production of Treasure Camp 2. A film made by Martin Tempest of Image Productions as part of “Movie Makers”, a fantastic scheme run in Stamford for children to take part in making/ starring in feature films. Around 10 years ago I used to do the courses myself although it is mostly targeted at children who are interested in acting.

Although I was only able to help for a couple of days (due to other commitments) it was a really interesting experience. The programme had definitely evolved since the days I took the course with better equipment and funding from the BFI for one of their projects (The Harbinger 2013).  It was a really great experience to return to the place that as a child, fueled my desire to persue film making as a career as well as a great opportunity to work with Martin again as well as the other crew members on this sequel.

The original Treasure Camp was made in 2009 and won a “Best Feature Film” award. I did not work on the original film but I did have a lot of fun on my few days working on the sequel.

(Video by So. Act!)